Laptop Connected to Projector or TV will not Display on the Screen


When connecting a laptop to the projector or TV it will not display the laptop onto the screen


  • Classroom
  • Conference room
  • No XPanel and no touch panel in the room
  • Equipment Checkout
  • Projector
  • Laptop


Multiple Causes


  1. Verify that the projector is on and in a ready state
  2. Verify that the projector is on the correct video source and using the correct cable
  3. Check the end of the cable that connects to the laptop to verify there are no bent or broken pins
  4. Check to make sure laptop cable is not disconnected from the projector
  5. If available try a different laptop or video source to narrow down if it is the projector or the cable
  6. If using an adapter try re-seating the adapter or try a different one
  7. If using a Windows laptop use the  key + P to bring up the Project menu and verify that is set to Duplicate
  8. If using a Mac go to the Display Preferences and verify that it sees the second display and that it is set to Mirror Displays
  9. If still not working please Contact the Service Desk with the following information
    1. Building and room number
    2. If immediate assistance is required


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