Request to Whitelist an Email Address


Request to whitelist an email

Please add the below email to the approved white list

We receive an email from an external vendor multiple times and the attachments are being stripped

How set up DMARC with 3rd party vendor to avoid spam filtering


  • Exchange
  • Email
  • Office 365
  • Azure DNS


Important emails that may be getting blocked

Messages from a 3rd party service or tool are going to the Junk mail folder or being blocked as spam


Please contact the Service Desk if you need further assistance

  1. Whitelist the address in your Outlook app  or Outlook online by following this article
  2. Send the Service Desk information on the email that was filtered to junk
    1. The Email Address
    2. The time it was sent
    3. The Subject line
      Note: all requests to whitelist email messages must come from a USD Faculty or Staff member
    4. IT Security will review the request 


  1.  Please refer to Whitelisting an Email Or see Setting up DMARC with 3rd Party Vendor
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