Account and password information, system access, and network drive/share requests

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Accessing Medical School Faculty and Staff Specific Resources

Guide for SSOM Faculty/Staff for accessing common resources

Accessing Wegner Library Account

How to access the Wegner Library account

Account Created with Incorrect Capitalization

What to do when your USD Account was created in incorrect capitalization

Active Directory Group for Physicians Assistant or Med Students

Create an AD group for incoming med student class.

Address Change Form

Changing information in using the Address Change Form

Applications Requiring the Use of Single Sign-On

Applications Requiring the Use of Single Sign-On

Camp Account Request

Requesting access to lab computers for camps

Can a Student Account be Temporarily Reactivated

Accounts that have been deleted cannot be reactivated

Can Not Sign in to Pillar 3

How to sign in to Pillar 3 for scheduling

Cannot access EPrint

How to troubleshoot issue accessing EPrint within SNAP.

Cannot Log Into USD Websites

How to access your email when you can get into the myUSD Portal but not your email

Cannot Login to My Computer

How to login to a computer on campus.

Changing USD Account Security Questions

How to change your USD account Security Questions.

Checking Cayuse Account Credentials

Checking to see if correct user credentials are being used for Cayuse sign in

Coyote Card Not Working

Coyote Card Not Working

Deleting a Department Email Account

Steps to remove a Departmental email account

Departmental Accounts

How to find a list of Department accounts you have access to.

Duo Sending Multiple or Not Receiving Push Notifications

Try restarting your iPhone if Duo is sending you multiple or no push notifications when trying to sign in

Enable Duo Restore on Mobile Device - iOS and ANDROID

Steps for enabling Duo Mobile Restore Feature allowing you to recover your account if your mobile device is replaced

Error Accessing G Suite

Reporting the error that indicates your account has been deactivated in G Suite

Error accessing to the Self Registration Portal (Registering for Classes)

Information to provide to the Service Desk if you are unable to register for classes

Error When Picking Up USD Account

How to fix incorrect information that prevents people from picking up their account

Extending Account for a Departing Employee

Extending an employee's account

Finding Date of Birth for the USD Account Management Tool

How to verify date of birth for the USD Account Management Tool

Finding My USD Username

When having problems with your USD username there are some steps you can take to verify you are entering the correct username.

Finding Owners and Contacts of Organization Accounts

How to Find Owners and Contacts of Organization Accounts

Forgot My Login for Dual Credit

Resetting Dual Credit Application site password

Granting Users access to Nuventive in Azure Active Directory

Describes the process for adding users to the Nuventive users group

Grubhub Problems

If Grubhub does not work after getting a replacement card, try deleting and re-adding your Grubhub account to synchronize the new card number.

Guest Domain and Guest Account Problems

Reporting Guest Domain and Guest account problems

How does my Position Title get Updated

When will my position title be updated in Outlook?

How to grant access to a Microsoft Teams Site

Provides a link to the Microsoft article on how to add a user to a Team site

I Need to Create Accounts in the Guest Domain

Requesting permission to create accounts in the guest domain

Invalid UDC ID Mapping Error Accessing Self-Service and SDepay

Reporting an issue logging into Self-service, SDEpay or D2L for invalid UDC-ID mapping

Issues Logging Into StarRez

Contact University Housing for assistance with StarRez login issues.

Locating Student or Faculty ID

How to find your student ID

Locked Out of Duo

Resolving being locked out of Duo

Locked out of Windows Account on Computer

How to unlock an account to log into computers

Logging Into GradCAS

How to log in to GradCAS

Need to Update Housing Profile

How to update profile on Housing application

Onboarding New Foundation Staff

Guide for intaking new Foundation Staff

Outlook Displaying Incorrect Contact Information

Reporting inconsistent or incorrect information in Outlook Address List

Password Reset for USD Account

How to reset your USD account password

Problem Accessing Network User Folder

OneDrive has replaced the X drive for network user folders

Problems Logging into Webmail and

Wait 20 minutes and try again when experiencing issues logging into your USD account

Questions About Student Life

Questions regarding Student Life

Receiving Ellucian log in failed

Troubleshooting Log in Failed error in Colleague/Datatel

Removing People From People Search and Global Address Book

How to remove people from People Search

Requesting a Departmental or Shared Email Account

Requesting a shared mailbox using the Departmental accounts management application

Requesting a Guest User Account

Policies for Guest User Accounts

Requesting a New or Change to an Existing Departmental or an Organizational Email Account

How to request a Departmental or Organizational Account/Mailbox

Requesting a Service Account

Requesting a service account or shared account for Finesse

Requesting Access Change for Active Directory Group

The steps to request adding or removing access in an Active Directory group.

Requesting Access to Google Classroom

How to request access to Google Classroom for teachers

Requesting Access to StarRez

How to request access to StarRez

Requesting Access to VALT

Adding or removing VALT group members

Requesting Account Access for a New Employee

Steps to set up new employee access

Requesting Change on who can Access Student Organization Accounts

How to change who can access a Student Organization Account

Requesting New Administrators for the Akademos Bookstore Tool

Requesting Admin Access to the Akademos Bookstore tool to be able to add books for a department.

Requesting Removal of Access to Network Drive or Shared Folder

Requesting removal of access to Network Drive or Shared Folder

Requesting Single Sign-On (SSO) for a new service

Gathering information for new Service Provider SSO

Requesting Student Athlete Book Scholarship Recipient be updated in Akademos

Requesting Student-Athlete Book Scholar information be transferred to Akademos through the Network Shared Drive.

Requesting Student Organization Accounts

How to request a Student Organization Account or password reset

Requesting to Retain USD Email Access

I received notification that my USD account will be removed and want to retain access

Requesting Vendor Account

Information on requesting a vendor account

Restarting Azure Active Directory Federation Services

How to restart Azure Active Directory Federation Services

SDSU Access to Wegner Health Sciences Library On-line Resources

Issue with Access to Wegner Health Sciences Library On-line Resources

SDSU Student Password Change

Self-service password change for SDSU students at

Standard Student Account Aging Policy with Hiatus Status

Summary of USD Student Aging account removal process

Suspect USD Email Account or USD Account is Hacked/Compromised

If you notice suspicious activity on your account or have reason to believe your USD Account or USD email has been hacked/compromised, seek help immediately.

Unable to Log Into USD Email

Unable to login to USD email and receiving error invalid username or password

Unable to login to Coyote One Stop, Qualtrics, or Coyote Connections

A stop gap method for dealing with Shibboleth errors in CAS

Updating Accounts for Fusion

Information on updating accounts in Fusion

Upward Bound Process

Breakdown of Upward Bound program

USD Account Creation

When is my USD account created

USD Account Removal - Faculty and Staff

USD accounts being removed are in accordance with the Faculty/Staff account policy

USD Account Removal - Student

Students retain access to their USD accounts for two semesters after they are no longer enrolled in courses.

USD Account was Created with Bad Data

How to request your email address and displayed name are updated to the same as your legal name.

User needs a Metasys account

Use this article to request an active directory account for Metasys