Upward Bound Process


Upward Bound process flow


  • Upward Bound (UB)


UB Applicant

  1. Apply to UB program complete Upward Bound Application 
    1. All Students 
      1. Fill in all the red outlined sections
      2. Sign in all 3 locations
      3. Click Finish
    2. Bridge Students 
      1. On Page 2 Next Steps Register Now 
      2. This opens page 3 Course Registration to be completed with
        • Course No
        • Sec No
        • Course Title
  2. Sends in W9 for stipend
  3. USD account Activation
  4. Submit Photo and Request Coyote Card
  5. Arrives on Campus 
  6. Complete courses
  7. Senior Year of High School Apply to USD

UB Staff

  1. Fall
    1. Request courses built as externally funded
  2. Oct/Nov
    1. Start meeting with UB students once a week
  3. April
    1. Get information to them about UB
    2. Entered into Student Access
    3. Schedule meals with Aramark
    4. Schedule rooms with scheduling
    5. Schedule classrooms with Registrar's
    6. Schedule study rooms with Library
    7. Coordinate Coyote Card creation with Coyote Card Office
    8. Work with Housing to assign rooms 
    9. Order books with Akademos
    10. Hire Counselors and Faculty
      1. Complete Account Request so USD account is created
    11. Enter ITS ticket for Card Access 
    12. Know who is coming to UB
    13. Create list in Sharepoint
      1. Share list with Paula Cottrell in ITS
    14. Send UB Applicants URL for W9
    15. Still in HS
      1. Yes = Pre-Bridge students =HS credit only
      2. No = Bridge Students = College Credit Only
  4. Mid May
    1. Charter bus to pick up students
    2. Hire bus driver

Human Resources

  1. Create EPAF for counselors and faculty
  2. Perform background checks


  1. Register students

Continuing and Distance Education

  1. Setup courses in Banner


  1. Setup courses in D2L
  2. Teach courses
  3. Grade courses

Enrollment Processing Center

  1. When Applications are received
    1. Create/Update person 
    2. create spec application 
    3. accept students
    4. If registration listed send to CDE/Linda


  1. Verifies USD accounts are created
  2. Works ticket for requested card access
  3. Creates accounts for employee access
  4. Setup Laptops
    Note: Detailed steps in ITS box below
  5. Creates ID cards
    Note: Keep and give to staff to hand out prior to arrival
  6. Reimage Laptops
    1. Laptops are checked out in Cheqroom


  1. Room Assignments


  1. Meals


  1. Talk to students during orientation

Wellness Center

  1. Get students pass

Registrar's Office

  1. Reserves classrooms for nonbridge


  1. schedules rooms for events, meetings, and banquet


  1. Reserve space for study hall

Business Office

  1. Send a bill for class to the school district??



  1. Follow Working TRIO/Upward Bound Accounts


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