USD Account Removal - Student


My USD account is being discontinued but I am going to be taking classes again, can I keep my account?

I still publish work owned by USD with my previous advisor using USD credentials.

I was a student previously. I was wondering if I still have access to my portal?


  • USD Account
  • USD Email


Students retain access to their USD accounts for two semesters after they are no longer enrolled in courses. 


Note: Please see our Alumni page for more information regarding being an Alumni

Note: If you are an SDSU student and have questions regarding the Wegner Library access SDSU has their own library resources available to you here. If you have any questions, please email or call 605-688-5107 for further assistance.

Note: If you are a USF and have questions regarding the Library Database access, please contact the University of Sioux Falls to have a guest account created

  1. If not registered for future classes  the account will be deleted and recreated upon acceptance 
  2. If the account is needed for an additional 24 hours to backup information, contact the Service Desk
  3. If  affiliated with USD
    1. Provide the department and person you are working with/for



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