Coyote Card Not Working


Not able to scan ID at the wellness center

The scanner at the front desk by the turnstiles will not work. The power is on and everything seems to be connected the way it should be. When you put something in and push the button to scan nothing happens.

 Error: It says user need to register for the classes.

Unable to access building using coyote card

Card quit working 


  • Coyote Card
  • Blackboard


  1. If your card is damaged, broken or lost please come to I D weeks Library room 104 to get a new card
    Note: replacement cards are $20
  2. Please contact the Service Desk with the following information: 
    1. error if any
    2. location you are having the issue


  1. Follow Door Access


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Fri 1/21/22 10:28 AM
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You will use your card for residence hall access, laundry and vending machines, photocopies, printing, supplies and books and even as a debit card that can be used with campus and community vendors.