USD Account Creation


When is my USD account created?

How does this work for dual credit students?

If a student has a home institution of NSU and then takes a USD course, does that student get a USD email address?


  • USD Account


Anyone taking a USD course would get a USD account. 



  1. USD account is created for students within 24 hours of one of the following occur in Banner
    • Accepted status
    • Registered for a USD course
    • USD is set as the home location

All Others:

  1. Supervisors must complete the Account Request form for a USD account to be created for the following
    • FacultyStaff
    • Temp 
    • Adjunct
    • Clinical Faculty
    • Affiliate
  2. All requests are reviewed and approved by the Human Resources office
  3. The account is created approximately 24 hours after the request has been approved


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