Employee Onboarding Checklist for Supervisors


USD ITS provides key systems and technical support to all employees. Just follow this checklist to have all access & accounts setup prior to the employee's start.


  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Adjunct


Please see the attachment section for a printable checklist

Before the start date
  • Process new hire and payroll documents:
    • Work with your HR Partner to initiate offer letter and new hire paperwork
    • HR sends final offer letter and new hire paperwork to new hires via DocuSign* (I-9, W4, Direct Deposit, Personal Data Statement, Intellectual Property Agreement (if applicable) and it is routed to appropriate signers/reviewers, the department will receive a final signed copy from DocuSign
      • *If they are an international employee, only the offer letter will be sent in DocuSign and then they must visit the HR office to fill out specific paperwork before they can start working
  • Department ‘HR Super User’ submits ePAF
  • Hiring Manager or HR contacts new hire after they sign their offer letter:
    • Confirm start date, job location, work schedule, dress code, parking information, etc.
    • Answer additional questions they may have
  • Notify your Department of New Hire - Email new hire information to department (cc: new employee, if appropriate). This could include: Name, Start date, Job title, brief biography
  • Complete ITS Account Request to request a USD account for email/login
  • Complete ITS Permissions Request and request access to applications needed (Banner, Calendar, VoIP Phone, Network Shares, Cognos, D2L, DocuSign, ImageNow, SDezBuy, SNAP, TMA, Xtender, etc.)
    Note: Access to D2L, Self Service Banner (SSB) and SNAP will not be available until the EPAF has been processed by HR
  • Develop Welcome Plan:
    • Prepare first day/week agenda/action plan for new employee (refer to first day & first week checklists)
    • Make plans for someone to welcome the new employee upon arrival
    • Schedule meetings with critical people for the employee’s first week and add to employee’s calendar
    • Schedule job-related trainings (Banner, etc.) and add to employee’s calendar
    • Update department contact information and Organization chart – with new employee added
    • Print out position description and department expectations
  • Prepare workspace
    • Set up and clean work area and gather basic office/desk supplies
    • Make sure you have a key for the new employee - order if necessary,  UPD or request electronic building access
    • Verify working computer - order new computer if necessary
    • Request Computer Setup or Reload from ITS
    • Clear out voicemail and reset password (Set up VoIP by completing ITS Permissions Request above)
    • Order business cards, name tag and name plate (if appropriate)
First Day
  • Supervisor/Hiring Manager needs to fill out and sign page 2 of the I-9, include copies of the employee’s identification cards (passport, Driver’s license, social security card) and return it to the HR office
  • Provide and review welcome plan and new hire packet with employee:
    • Ensure they have received their new hire packet from HR (contact HR if the packet has not arrived yet)
    • Confirm that the new hire received a welcome email from HR with information on benefits enrollment and completing orientation and training requirements
    • Confirm the date of the Intro to YoteLife new hire orientation which is provided in their welcome email.
    • Note: Supervisors will also be invited to attend Intro to YoteLife to meet with their employees during a portion of orientation; watch for an email from Marketing
    • Provide employee with a departmental org/staffing chart with names and roles
    • Review outline of the first day/week of employment
  • Introduce employee to the department/team
  • Introduce employee to their work area:
    • Provide office key to employee
    • Assist new employee in logging into their office computer/network and review necessary files/drives. Contact IT if they do not have their login information yet/unable to login
    • Provide an overview of technology and software (email, phone, voicemail, shared drives, calendars, portal)
    • Discuss how to order office supplies
  • Provide a tour of the department/building:
    • Identify restrooms, break/lunch areas, elevators, stairs, emergency exit procedures
    • Identify photocopier locations and discuss use
    • Provide a tour of other areas of campus, as appropriate to position, and introduce to key contacts
    • Review parking information and direct them where to get a parking pass
    • Take employee to get Coyote Card – go to IT Service Desk in ID Weeks
  • Review the department/USD expectations, policies and procedures:
    • Review office hours, university calendar, holidays, dress code, etc.
    • Review timekeeping process and overtime/comp time (if applicable)
    • Review leave request process and department process for calling in to report absences
    • Review department specific and USD policies. USD policies can be found at https://www.usd.edu/policies
    • Review position description and job expectations:
      • Review employee’s position description, work schedule and job expectations
      • Review job specific user manuals and other potential user manuals for the position (Banner, etc.)
      • Discuss training required for the position and update as necessary
      • Review probationary period and process (for Civil Service (CSA) employees only). Once CSA employees reach 6 months of employment (1 year for law enforcement civil service employees) they have completed their probationary period which means they have achieved “civil service” status. They may use accumulated vacation and sick leave during this time. Ask HR for more details
First Week
  • Check-in daily to inquire as to how things are going and to answer any questions the new employee may have
  • Make sure all technology is working appropriately (computer, voicemail, printer, software, phone, copier etc.)
  • Review Employee Handbook (available in the myUSD portal)
  • Review current and cyclical department projects/programs and their role
First Month
  • Employee should have completed benefits enrollment during the first 30 calendar days of employment
  • Ensure employee attends Intro to YoteLife and completes assigned trainings videos from HR if not done yet
  • Weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the employee to review progress and answer any questions
  • Review job description and the performance review process:
    • CSA - Work with your HR Partner to create online performance review guide
    • NFE - Establish written goals for the review period
    • Develop short-term performance goals (for the 3-month review for CSA employees)
  • Discuss how the department contributes to the USD Strategic Plan
  • Discuss workload levels and training needs
Three Months
  • Prepare 3-month Performance Review and review with employee (CSA employees only)
  • Review short- and long-term goals
  • Continue to check-in with employee and answer questions
  • Discuss workload levels and training needs
First Six Months - End of Probation
  • Prepare CSA 5-month Performance Review and review with employee
  • Develop short- and long-term goals
  • Continue to check-in with employee and answer questions
  • Once CSA employees have reached 6 months, they have completed their probationary period which means they have achieved “civil service” status
One Year
  • Prepare Annual Performance Review and review with employee (due in December):
    • Have employee prepare a self-evaluation and suggest some annual goals
    • Develop and confirm annual goals for the next year

Please contact the Human Resources if you need further assistance

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