Door Access


University of South Dakota offers faculty, staff and students' convenient access to assigned residence halls and campus buildings using electronic card readers. University issued ID cards (Coyote Cards) are required for access to locked buildings and/or rooms.

Note: Exterior building doors are set to be unlocked during business hours and require card access after-hours.  Some buildings are locked 24/7 and always require card access.

  1. To request access to locked buildings and rooms after normal hours for events on campus go to After Hours Building/Room Unlock
  2. If you need a physical key to unlock a door please complete and send the form to Facilities Management
  3. To look into electronic door access installation please submit a Facilities Work Request 
    1. Add electronic door access to a new building
      • Hardware Cost and Installation Cost
    2. Add electronic access to a new area
      • Hardware Cost and Installation Cost
  4. To request access for someone to an existing building/area with electronic/card access click the Request Door Access button on this page to:
  • Add a new building access 
  • Remove building access zccess
  • Update exsisting building access 
    Note: Permission will be granted upon authorized approval and cannot be requested for yourself

Instructions for multi-user requests:

If you need to request room access for multiple people, please follow these steps: 
Note: Example: All students in a class need access to a card access controlled classroom

  1. Download the attached spreadsheet - "Multi-User Access" template.
  2. Open the file and fill in the following information for each person needing access
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Banner ID
    • Datatel ID/Colleague ID if applicable 
    • Access plan name/Door(s) (Building and Room) location information
  3. Click File Save As and rename the file - Multi-User Access -your department
  4. Return here to complete the request form and upload/attach a copy of your file


  • To use Coyote Card or Coyote Card mobile, tap your card, iPhone, Apple Watch or Android phone against the reader and you’re done
  • Use your Physical Coyote Card or Coyote Card Mobile app for:
    • Door access
Target Completion Date

5 business days

Available To

Faculty, Staff and Students


There is no cost for this service 

Request Door Access

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