Requesting Name Change


I got married and want my new name to reflect in my email address

My account was set up with an incorrect name

My account shows up with my parent's first name


  • USD account
  • Email
  • Academic Records


Legal name has changed and it needs to be updated in the system



  1. If you are a student and work for USD, please follow the Faculty/Staff instructions below, before continuing to step 2
  2. To change your Preferred First name contact the Registrar's Office
    Note: Preferred first name is what is used to set up your USD & Email account
  3. If you need your legal first or last name updated you should first
    1. Browse to Registrar forms page
    2. Click General Forms
    3. Click Change of Name Form and Complete the Request for Name Change 
      1. Complete the form
      2. Attach the supporting documentation with the form 
      3. Return to the Registrar's Office

For questions on the form contact the Registrar's Office  

  1. Once the Registrar's office has updated your account contact the Service Desk to update your email address
  2. Provide the following information
    1. Preferred or legal first name 
    2. Legal last name 
    3. Student ID
    4. Phone number registered to Duo Multifactor Authentication


  1. Contact Human Resources to have your legal first or last name updated first
  2. You will need to present a new social security card with your updated name to HR
  3. After you receive confirmation from HR that your information has been updated, 
    • Student Workers should continue with step 2 under Students
    • Faculty and Staff Contact the Service Desk providing your Preferred first, legal first name, and Legal last name so subsidiary systems can be updated 


  1. See article Working a Name Change Request


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