Connecting devices to the USD's network

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Adjusting Ringer Volume on Cisco Phone

How can I silence the ringer on my Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone

Can't Access Shares But Still Have Network Connectivity

Change manual DNS setting to automatic

Certificate Error When Connected to WiFi

Resolving certificate error while connected to USD wireless network

Computer is Being Detected as a NAT Device or Incorrect Device Type

How to connect to the wifi if your computer is detected as a NAT Device

Connecting a Smart Device to the Wireless Network

How to connect a smart device to USD's wireless network

Connecting Devices to the Network

How to connect devices to the USD Network

Connecting Exercise Machines to Network

Exercise machines must be hardwired in

Connecting Telepresence Robots to the Network

How to connect a Telepresence Robots to the Network

Connecting to eduroam

Connecting to eduroam on various devices

Connecting to Internet on Campus and Dorms

Where you can get internet connection on campus.

Connecting to Remote Access

Customers connecting to the Internet from off campus can gain access to many campus resources by using USD's Remote Access Server

Connecting to SDVisitor Wireless Network

If you are a visitor to our campus, please connect to SDVisitor using these instructions.

Connecting to Work Computer Remotely using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

How to connect to your work computer using Remote Desktop Protocol

Copyright Infringement Notices

USD will receive notifications of copyright infringement when USD's network is being used to transfer copyrighted material

Disable MAC Address Randomization

How to Disable MAC Randomization

Disconnecting from Wireless Internet

How to disconnect and forget SDVisitor wireless network

Error Connecting to Wireless Network

Laptops being blocked from the wifi because they are being identified as a gaming system

Ethernet Ports Not Working in Dorm Room

Ethernet ports automatically disable themselves when a router or splitter is detected.

Finding MAC Address for Smart Devices Registration

MAC Address Instructions for Smart Devices Network

Gaming Device Wired Network Issue

How to report error messages when on the gaming network.

Having Internet Connection Problems

Use a wired connection to resolve internet issues

Having Multiple Phone Numbers Tied To One Voicemail Box

How to tie multiple phone numbers to one email address in the Cisco system

How to Disable Remote Play Broadcasting on a PS4

How to Disable Remote Play Broadcasting on a PS4

How to Disable Wi-Fi Direct on Roku Devices

How to disable Wi-Fi Direct on Roku Devices

How to Disable Wireless Direct Printing

How to Disable Wireless Direct Printing on HP Printers

How to make 3-way call on Cisco VOIP 8851

How to conference in another person to an active phone call

Installing VMware Horizon Client

Navigate to, click Install VMware Horizon Client, and follow the prompts

Internet and VPN is Down

What to do if the internet is not working at your location

Lawrence Getting a blank page after sign

How to report issues with Lawrence system

Locate Lost Device That Was Previously Connected to USD's Network

A device that has been connected to USD's network has been lost, Is IT able to locate the device and notify UPD?

Moving Wireless Routers and Network Access Points

Moving Wireless Routers and Network Access Points

Needing Assistance With VR Headsets

Contact IT for assistance with connecting to wireless

Network Connectivity for Equipment is Down

After a power event such as a blip or loss of power, a previously connected device is showing as offline

Network Pass-Thru Port in Dorm Not Working

Residence Hall Cisco device's Pass-Thru network port doesn't work

New IP Address for Coyote Card Readers

How to change IP addresses for coyote card vendors

Obtaining MAC Address on a Device

How to obtain a Mac Address for a device

Pairing a Bluetooth Device with a Cisco 8851 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone

Pairing a Bluetooth Device with a Cisco 8851 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File-sharing Software

Many P2P file sharing software applications are set to share files without your knowledge. This can lead to slowness issues, as well as put you at risk for Copyright Infringements.

Problem Connecting to Hotspot

Steps for resolving issues connecting to a personal hotspot

Questions About Personal Routers on USD's Network

Personal routers are not allowed on USD's network

Receiving Shared Drive Quota Warning

How to get rid of the Shared Drive quota warning that is appearing by freeing up space.

Receiving Trojan Error When Connecting to Wireless

What to do when you receive a Trojan Error when connecting to the USD wireless network

Recommended Wireless Headsets for Cisco Phones

Which VoIP phones headsets are recommended?

Registering Gaming Systems, TVs, and other Smart Devices to Wired Internet

Gaming and DVR systems are allowed in the residence hall. USD's wireless network does not support gaming. you will need to use an Ethernet cable to connect.

Reporting and Resolving Issues With Quality of Wi-Fi

Items that can affect the quality of Wi-Fi and how to help resolve issues.

Reporting Broken Jacks in Rapid City Classrooms

Contact the Service Desk and provide the room, table, and row of the broken network jack for USD or SDSU Nursing and RC Med campus.

Reporting Connectivity Issues at the Wagner Center

Reporting problems with network at Wagner Center

Requesting a Device to be Allowed on the Network

How to request a device that needs to be allowed on the network

Requesting a Hotspot

University provided hotspots are obtained through Auxiliary Services

Requesting a Meet-Me Number

Requesting a MeetMe number for use with phone conferencing

Requesting a Non-USD User Computer Have Internet Access

Information to send to the Service Desk for registering a computer

Requesting a Reserved or Static Internet Protocol (IP) Address

How to request a reserved or static IP address

Requesting a User Be Removed from VoIP

A person needs to be removed from VoiP services such as phone and voicemail

Requesting Access to Network Drive or Shared Folder

Requesting network drive/File Share access

Requesting Additional Network Ports Be Installed in a Room

Requesting additional network jacks be installed

Requesting an Internet Protocol (IP) address for Building Controls

How to request an IP address for building controls

Requesting an IP Address to be Whitelisted

Requesting an ip address be whitelisted

Requesting File Share Storage Information

Requesting File Share Storage Information

Requesting Jabber Video or Softphone Functionality

Current Jabber users may request Jabber Video to be able to join video conferences

Requesting List of Active Ports in a Room

How to identify which ports are active

Requesting Network Port Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) Change

Requesting a network port's VLAN be changed

Requesting VoIP Services

How to update the name displayed on VoIP device.
How to add a user be added to VoIP services such as phone, voicemail, jabber, and webex.
How to change a current VoIP customer service.

Room's Ethernet Port Not Working

How to get an existing network port activated.

Security Camera Showing as Stopped

How to report an issue with a security camera's video feed

Setting up a Home HotSpot

Connecting to a HotSpot to connect to the internet

Setting Up Speed Dials for Cisco Phones

Setting up speed dials for a Cisco phone by using the self-care portal

Troubleshooting Home Internet

How to troubleshoot slow internet at home

Unable to Connect to Lawrence on Wifi

How to troubleshoot wireless connection issues to Lawrence.

Unable to connect to Smart Devices Network

error: Can't validate identity provider return message: Status code is not success

Unable to open a file of network share

Correcting permissions on shared file in network folder

Updating macOS X Wifi settings

How to adjust the roaming aggressiveness on a macOS X computer if you are having trouble with your connection to the Wifi

Updating Permissions on Shared File Storage

How to verify your permissions are correct on your Shared File Storage

VoIP Phone No Internet Access

Computer or other device will not connect to the internet

Wired Internet is Not Working

Internet connection is not working on office computer, check cable, and restart computer.

Wired Internet Speed is Slow

Internet speed on office computer is slow.

Wired Network Dropping During NBME Testing

Reporting trouble students taking tests in the testing center

Remote Site Wireless Network Issue

Wireless issue off campus caused by power outage.