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911 Emergency Call Emails Missing Information

Correcting missing information from automated emails that are sent when a person dials 911

Activating a Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone at a Remote Office Location

For some remote office locations, users can register their phones by signing into them

Adding an Existing Phone Number as Second Line on Phone

User would like to have an existing phone number added as a second line on their desktop VoiP phone

Answering VoIP Phone call

How to answer incoming calls

Cable on VOIP Phone Breaking

Requesting a replacement phone cable

Callers Disconnected Immediately After Being Placed on Hold or Transferred

A caller is immediately disconnected when pressing either the hold or transfer button

Calling with Cisco Jabber

How to make a phone call with Cisco Jabber

Cannot Call Outside Numbers

How to fix phones not being able to call long distance

Cannot hear each other when calling through Cisco VoIP phones

How to make both lines hear the other using VoIP phones

Changing Auto-Greeting on VoIP Phone

How to change or disable the auto-greeting on VoIP voicemail

Changing the Greeting on Main Line Auto Attendant or Voicemail as a Greeting Administrator

How a greeting administrator can change the greeting on a main line autoattendant or voicemail

Changing VOIP Greeting From Another Phone

How to change your VOIP voicemail greeting from a different phone

Checking Analog Phone Voicemail

How to check voice messages on old phone system

Checking VoIP Voicemail From An Alternate Phone

Checking VoIP voicemail from an alternate phone

Cisco VoIP Phone Forwarding

Forwarding of phones to another number or cell phone

Cisco VoIP Phone Not Registering

Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phone showing message that it is not registering

Cisco VOIP Phone un-Forwarding

Forward all is set on the phone line, must hit forward off

Clearing Voicemails for Cisco VoIP Phones

Instructions for deleting voicemail messages

Connecting Jabber to Outlook

Connecting Jabber to Outlook

Dialing a Phone Number from a Cisco Phone

How do I dial phone numbers on Cisco Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones

Disable Lower Your Voice Alert

How to disable the lower your voice warning on a Cisco phone

Elevator Emergency Phones Not Working

Fixing elevator emergency phones to be able to call UPD

How to change the ringtone for a Cisco 8851 Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone

Instructions on changing the ringtone on a Cisco VoIP Phone

Locked Out of Voicemail

Locked Voicemail

Long Distance FAC Codes for Departments

FAC code used for VoIP phones, for departments to complete long distance calls

Making a Call on VoIP Phone

How to make a call with the Cisco VoIP Phone

Making Changes to Phone Menu Options

Adding, removing, changing phone menu options

Managing Do Not Disturb Status for VoIP Phone

How-to guide for managing the Do Not Distrub setting on a VoIP Phone

Mute VoIP Call

How to mute a VoIP call

Not Receiving External Calls on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Phones

What to do when you can not receive external calls

Phone Questions - Phone Numbers Beginning with 677

Please contact Facilities Management regarding analog phone questions

Phone, Video and Web Conferencing Available at USD

These are the recommended Phone Conferencing, Web Conferencing, & Video Conferencing technologies available for use at USD.

Placing VoIP Call on Hold

How to place a VoIP call on Hold

Receiving Busy Signal or Unxpected Message When Calling Out

Receiving a busy signal when calling out

Removing a Phone Number from Cisco VoIP Phone

User would like to have an existing phone number removed on their desktop VoiP phone

Requesting a List of VoIP Users and Phone Numbers

Need a list of current phone numbers

Requesting Access to Cisco Finesse

How to request Cisco Finesse access

Requesting Caller Be Blocked from Reaching VoIP Phones

How to block a phone number from calling your office phone

Requesting Caller ID Be Masked for External Calls

How to request a VOIP extension be masked to external call recipients

Requesting Changes to Phone Charges or Disconnect of VoIP

How can I disconnect a voip line and remove it from billing

Requesting Cisco Jabber

To request permissions to or installation of Cisco Jabber

Requesting Cisco Phone Changes

Requesting Changes to Cisco Phones

Requesting Voicemail Feature Be Removed From Phone Line

Need to remove voicemail from phone line

Requesting Voicemail Setup

How to request voicemail setup if not enabled on VoIP phone

Resetting Phone Voicemail PIN

How to reset the Cisco VoIP Voicemail PIN

SDSU Rapid City Nursing Phone Forwarding

Rapid City Nursing has a different analog phone system than the main SDSU campus.

Setting Jabber Softphone Audio

How to set Jabber Softphone audio

Setting up a VoIP Conference Phone

Setting up a VoIP conference phone

Training for VOIP Phones

Common questions asked about VoIP Phones

Transferring a Call to Another Person

How to transfer a VoIP call

Unanswered VoIP Calls Not Going to Voicemail

Unanswered calls to voip number are not going to voicemail as expected

Using GoToMeeting

How to use GoToMeeting

Using Meet Me Numbers Phone Conferencing

Instructions on usage of the Meet Me numbers. Maximum number of users is 10.