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Used to make course content more accessible and more inclusive

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Pinned Article Logging Into D2L

How to log into D2L after December 27th, 2018

Pinned Article Logging Into D2L Admin Account

How do I access D2L Local Login  or admin account?

Activating Courses in D2L

How to activate a D2L Course

Adding a User to a D2L Course or Sandbox

How to add or change a user's permission in D2L

Adding Panopto to D2L

Panopto is available for all instructors to use in recording videos. Panopto is an external learning tool that is available in D2L. These steps will add Panopto to a course.

ALEKS Respondus Lockdown Testing is not working with Chromebook

Work around whilee ALEKS is still working towards a resolution

Assisting with D2L Questions from Instructors

Contact the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) with Instructor Questions

Being Dropped From Class

What to do if you receive an email about being dropped from a course for not accessing it via Desire2Learn

Can IT Provide D2L Training

Training is not provided by ITS

Cannot Access D2L Course Assignments

D2L course content may not be accessible if it is past due or hasn't started.

Cannot Play Panopto Video in D2L

How to play Panopto videos in D2L

Cannot Start New or Reply to D2L Discussion

Instructors are able to set start and end dates on discussion topics, the Start New Thread option then will not be shown.

Cannot Upload a file to D2L

D2L dropbox will not allow special characters in the filename.

Class is No Longer Showing in D2L

What to do when your class has been dropped

Course Start and End date Incorrect in D2L

Courses are available in D2L 30 days before and after the start date

D2L An Error Occurred on the Server when Processing the URL

How to report "An error occurred on the server when processing the URL"

D2L Authentication error

Reporting unable to log into D2L

D2L Course Branding Missing

Reporting a course in D2L that does not have the standard USD branding applied

D2L Courses are Missing

Previously accessed courses are now missing in D2L.

D2L Discussion Threads Only Loading One Page

Loading D2L discussion posts that have more than one page

D2L Email is Incorrect

D2L Email Address is incorrect.

D2L Email Issues

D2L will only receive emails sent from D2L.

D2L Mailbox Full

What to do when D2L storage space in full and is not allowing email traffic.

Document Not Submitting to TurnItIn in D2L

Resubmit documents to TurnItIn after error

Dropped Course Still Shown in D2L

How long will a dropped class be shown in D2L

Enable LockDown Browser for Chromebook

During the beta period, instructors will need to enable the use of the Chromebook version on a per exam basis.

End Of Support For Legacy Edge And Brightspace

The banner announcement about Edge is due to Microsoft Edge Legacy reaching its End of Life in March 2021.

Entering in Grades to a D2L Gradebook

How to enter bonus points in D2L

Error Accessing Email D2L

Error Not authorized received when trying to access D2L email.

Error Changing Profile in D2L

Remove the entry in the homepage field in your D2L profile

Error Viewing Course Materials

How to get authorization to view courses in D2L

Importing D2L Content to a New Course

How to import D2L course content

Installing Lockdown Browser for Chromebook

Installing LockDown Browser to your Chromebook

Instructor Unable To Find Course In D2L

If an instructor is unable to see their D2L course

Internal Error Using D2L

When you receive an Internal Error while using D2L

Missing Reply To Thread Button in D2L

Contact the Service Desk for assistance with D2L

Name Change for D2L

How to update Preferred name in D2L

Pinning course to D2L Homepage

Steps to add a course to your D2L homepage.

Quiz Grade Not Showing for Students in D2L

Troubleshooting a grade not being applied to a quiz or exam in D2L

Receiving Notifications From D2L

How to turn off notifications for D2L

Receiving Page Not Found Error when Playing Video in D2L

How to fix a link in D2L that is pointing to a previous course's materials

Receiving This Site Can't be Reached Error Accessing Video in D2L - Media02

Reporting an issue with accessing Videos hosted on Media02 Server in Desire2Lean (D2L)

Removing Course from D2L Homepage

How to remove courses from the D2L homepage

Reporting D2L Top Banner or Branding Changed

Reporting an issue with the D2L branding or banner being incorrect

Requesting Access to Another Instructor's Course Material

Instructor wants access to another instructor's course material

Requesting a D2L Sandbox Course

How to request a D2L Sandbox course

Requesting a D2L Sandbox Course Title Change

How to request a D2L Sandbox title change

Requesting Access to Department Courses

Department head needs access to D2L courses for their department.

Requesting an Instructor Name Change in a D2L Course Title

How to request an instructor name change in a D2L course title

Requesting D2L Course Mapping

How to request D2L Course mappings

Requesting D2L Course Reset

Requesting to wipe D2L shell and start again with an empty shell.

Requesting Extended Access to Course in D2L

How to get access to an old class in D2L

Requesting New D2L Users for Non-traditional or Non-credit Courses

How to request a new D2L user account for non-standard students

Requesting to Add Multiple Students to a D2L Course

Requesting to add a group of students at once to a D2L Course

Requesting User added to D2L

How to be added as the Instructor of a D2L course.

Screenshot Generation for Session Failed - Respondus Monitor

Video of the attempt was incomplete, and the thumbnail generation failed. This is most likely due to connection issues at the end of the student.

Student viewing D2L Attendance log or Progress Summary

Can the students view a log of attendance to a D2L course?

Students Not Appearing on Class List in D2L

D2L class lists not populating with students

Submit your writing to Online Writing Center in D2L and get feedback

How to Submit your writing to the Writing Center in D2L and get feedback

Trying to Delete Submission in D2L

Information on deleting assignment submissions within Desire2Learn

Turnitin Errors in D2L

How to report issues with Turnitin and error We can't find a valid email address for you.

Unable to See Course in D2L

Information on courses not appearing in Desire2Learn

Upload a file to D2L DropBox

How to upload a file to DropBox

Verifying a Course is Active

How to verify whether or not a course is active