Pinning course to D2L Homepage


My course is not listed on my homepage


  • D2L


Courses are not pinned to the homepage 


Manually pin your course to the homepage  

  1. Log into D2L
  2. Click  
  3. Type the course name Note: Courses start with Semester, Year and then course 
    1. Semester
    2. Year 
    3. Course 
    4. Section(s)
    5. Example:  Spring 2021 EDAD-100/200/800 - UT1
  4. Too much detail may not return results try shortening 
    1. Semester
    2. Year 
    3. Course 
    4. No or only one Section
    5. Example:  Spring 2021 EDAD-100
  5. Click  
  6. The course is now pinned to your homepage 
    Note: You can view a list of classes by clicking View All Course  at the bottom of My Courses 


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