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D2L, Brightspace, LMS software for online learning and teaching


Lecture capture software allows you to record lectures that are organized for students to browse.

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Accessing Barnes and Noble eBooks

If eBooks were bought before May 2019 and are not located in the Vitalsource library through D2L, they can be accessed through the Barnes & Noble Yazu App.

Accessing D2L ePortfolio

How do I Upload files to D2L ePortfolio?

Accessing Online Writing Center in D2L

Cannot access the Online Writing Center in D2L

Accessing USD Textbookx.com Ebooks

How to access your ebooks bought through the USD Online Bookstore.

Accessing USD Textbookx.com Ebooks

How to access your ebooks bought through the USD Online Bookstore.

Adding First Day Access Materials (FDAs) to the Online Bookstore

How instructors set up First Day Access (FDA) materials for the USD Online Bookstore (usd.textbookx.com).

Attending live workshops on writing-related topics

How to attend live workshops on writing-related topics

Converting a Powerpoint to a PDF

Create PDFs directly from Microsoft Powerpoint with a few easy steps.

Creating a PDF from Google Doc

Save your Google Doc to Microsoft word to use accessibility checking feature

Digital Accessibility at USD

The Digital Accessibility Committee at USD is tasked to improve, foster, and promote an inclusive online environment for everyone through a comprehensive review and planning process aimed at providing equal access in all digital content across the institution.

Email Message from Campus Clarity

New student training assigned by the Dean of Students Office through training partner Campus Clarity

How Do I Remove the Online Writing Center From My D2L

How Do I Remove the Online Writing Center From My D2L

Making an Accessible PDF from Word

How to make an accessible PDF from Microsoft Word

Online Advocate Requests for Student(s) Engagement

Registrar requesting course activity in D2L

Problems Creating Groups in D2L

Shorten the Group Prefix field

Problems Using Top Hat

Contact Top Hat support directly at support@tophat.com or 888-663-5491

Receiving Error 403 on D2L link

How to resolve 403 Forbidden within D2L

Receiving Error Accessing Zoom Recording

Use the Shareable Link for your Zoom Recordings in D2L

Receiving Launchpad Expiration Notice

Contact the publisher's website for support

Removing Students from D2L Course

How to resolve class list discrepancies

Requesting Closed Captioning on Media

How to request closed captioning

Requesting D2L Student Engagement Report

How to request D2L Student Engagement Report

Requesting elevated Access for Desire2Learn(D2L)

Requesting elevated permissions in Desire2Learn for non-faculty/staff access
Ex: Help Desk Pro Staff, Dept Head, Help Desk Manager, Accessibility Admin(casc) ect

Requesting Respondus License Renewal

How to renew Respondus 4.0 License

Requesting Virtual Astronomy Software

Contact your instructor on how to run Virtual Astronomy

Student Access to Turnitin

Turnitin is not directly accessible by students

Unable to Access Course Mapping Request Form

Receiving an error that page cannot be displayed when attempting to access course mapping request form

Unable to log into SNAP, D2L, Banner or Self Service

Issues logging into SNAP, D2L, Banner or Self Service

Viewing D2L Course as Student

Change your viewing role in D2L

Viewing Student Progress and Access in D2L

How to view student progress or access in D2L