Information on IT security including the ability to report a security incident and how to protect yourself.

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Accessing KnowBe4 Cyber Security Training

Security awareness training is available after the deadline has passed, so you may complete the training at a time convenient to you


How do I use Duo with the webpage

Applications Requiring Multi-Factor Authentication at USD

List of applications at USD protected by multi-factor authentication

Cyber Security Training Email Missing

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training email can be resent

Duo: Phone Number Cannot Be Added

Why might I see an error in Duo stating my phone number cannot be added?

Issue Completing KnowBe4 Training

Troubleshooting issues with completing the KnowBe4 training

KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training

ITS has invested in KnowBe4 security awareness training to help our faculty and staff understand cyber attacks and phishing threats to themselves and the students that we all serve.

KnowBe4 Security Training - Error: Click On Your Email Platform

How to progress in the KnowBe4 Security Training

Only Receiving Option for Passcode in Duo

What to do if Duo only shows passcode as an option for MFA

Options for Duo Multi-factor Authentication

USD supports several options for Duo

Permissions Required for Duo Mobile

Does Duo Mobile collect my personal information such as emails, text messages, or contacts?

Problems Signing on Through Duo

How to recover an account after getting a new phone, losing a phone, or deleting the app.

Purchasing a Yubico Security Key or Hardware Token

How to purchase a Yubico Security Key

Reactivating Duo on New iOS Phone or Device

How to reactivate Duo on new iOS phone or Devices.

Reactivating Duo on New Android Phone or Device

How to reactivate Duo Mobile App on New Android Phone or Android Device.

Received Notification of Windows Update Due to Malware Infection

PC's which have recently generated a malware alert and are determined to be out of date will automatically be upgraded to a supported version of Windows 10

Receiving Multiple Phishing Training Reminders

What to do if you believe you are receiving phishing training enrollment messages in error

Receiving Suspicious Messages in Duo Mobile

What to do when you receive messages in Duo Mobile that you didn't initiate

Remembering Me for 30 Days in Duo

I can't click the box in Duo to remember me for 30 days

Reporting a Gift Card Scam

What you should do if you were a victim of a gift card email scam.

Requesting a Technology Risk Assessment

When acquiring new, non-standard technology a Technology Risk Assessment may be required.

Requesting an Investigation of Network Activity

How do I ask for assistance with investigating online activities?

Requesting Security Stickers for Credit Card Readers

Security Stickers or Tamper Evident Tape is used on the Credit Card Readers to prevent tampering.

Requesting to Bypass Duo Authentication

Contact the Service Desk for assistance with Duo

Requesting to Disable Screen Lock Security Setting

request procedure on how to exclude your computer from lockscreen

Seeing Long Links in Email

Safe Links is a security feature that proactively protects the University from malicious links in email messages and Office documents

Signing up for Duo MFA

Setting up various options for Duo

Using Duo on my Office Computer

Does Windows require two-factor authentication at USD? How do I use Duo?

Verifying KnowBe4 Training Completed Successfully

How to verify KnowBe4 training has been completed

Website is Being Blocked

How to request that a blocked website be whitelisted

What is Duo

Duo Security is USD's multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution