Remembering Me for 30 Days in Duo

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Why can't I click the box to remember me for 30 days?


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The value for When I Log in is set to Automatically send this device a Duo Push

Duo automatically sends the Push, so  Remember me for 30 days is not available to select


Note: There is a known issue with Internet Explorer 11 that prevents the Remember me feature from working

  1. Log in to
    Note: You must complete the log in using a Passcode or Push
  2. Change When I Log in to Ask me to choose an authentication method
  3. Click Save
  4. Close all browser windows or open a different browser
  5. Open
  6. Enter your user name and password
  7. Select  Remember me for 30 days
  8. Complete the two-factor authentication
    Note: Optionally you may change When I Log in to Automatically send this device a Duo Push


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