Purchasing a Yubico Security Key or Hardware Token


How do I buy a Yubico Security Key for Duo

How do I buy a Duo Hardware Token

Do we need a key for each person or each system

My mobile does not support the “Duo Mobile” app


  • Duo Multifactor Authentication
  • Duo Hardware token
  • Yubico Security Keys


Requesting an alternative to Duo Mobile app


Note: Yubico keys and hardware tokens are assigned to a specific person and not shared accounts
Note: We do not suggest Yubico Security Keys as your only option in Duo.  They may be used as a backup to your phone or Hardware Token

There are several options for purchasing 

  1. Hardware Token
    Note: This device contains a non-replaceable battery.  The battery should last between 2 to 3 years.  A new device will need to be purchased when the battery runs down
    • Come to the Service Desk in the I D Weeks Library
      • We accept check, credit card, and Coyote Cash
      • Cost is $21.30 after tax
  2. Yubico Security Keys
    Note: Yubico Keys do not work with Internet Explorer or Edge browsers. They do work with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox
    • Come to the Service Desk in the I D Weeks Library
      • Cost is $19.60 after tax
      • We accept check, credit card, and Coyote Cash
    • Order from Amazon
  3. If you are a faculty/staff member whose department is purchasing either the Hardware Token or Yubico key for you, please contact the Service Desk with the following information: 
    1. Name
    2. Phone Number
    3. Purchasing Index number to be charged
  4. After you have the key, you can set it up
  5. The Service Desk will assign the Hardware Token to you


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