Receiving Suspicious Messages in Duo Mobile


I received 4 messages in Duo Mobile at 5 AM, but I was not working at that time.

Error message: A WiFi or cellular network connection is required. Please check your network settings.


  • Duo Mobile


There is a known issue in Duo Mobile for Android which has since been resolved by Duo.


  1. If you receive a Duo Push asking to approve an action you did not take
    1. Deny the push
    2. Report the push as fraudulent
    3. Change your password
  2. If you receive a message stating WiFi or cellular is required
    1. Confirm mobile device is connected to WiFi or data
    2. Confirm Duo Mobile client is up to date
  3. If the problem continues, please contact the Service Desk with the following information: 
    1. Dates and times you received messages
    2. Content of the messages you received
    3. Type of mobile device you are using


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Thu 8/20/20 11:50 AM
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