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Adding Portlet to Portal Tab

Instructions for adding a portlet to a tab in the Portal.

Applying For ITS Student Employee Position

How to search and apply for student employee positions within ITS.

Cannot Log Into a CAS Site

Problems logging into websites that use CAS authentication

Cannot Log Into K2 Website

How to log into the K2 Website

Error Loading to Portal

An issue with the myUSD Portal, you may see the error "We are sorry the portal encountered an internal error and was unable to complete your request. Please try again later"

Form on the USD Website Not Working

How to report a problem with a form on

Home Tab

Coyote One Stop Home Tab is a convenient way to request assistance and search informational articles to resolve your questions.

How To Log Out of the myUSD Portal

Logging out of the portal

Installing eAccounts mobile app

How to download eAccounts mobile app.

Installing Passport Parking mobile app

How to download Passport Parking mobile app.

Installing USD Safe mobile app

How to download USD Safe mobile app.

Installing USDfit mobile app

How to download USDfit mobile app.

Installing USDgo mobile app

How to download USDgo mobile app.

Issues Accessing USD Libraries/Research Gateway

Steps to access Library Databases

Knowledge Base

Coyote One Stop Knowledge Base is a convenient way to search informational articles to resolve your questions.

Library Databases Cannot be Reached

Unable to connect to library databases through ezProxy

Logging Into the USD Library Databases

How to log into the USD Libraries

Managing Vanity URLs

How to create, edit and delete tiny URLs

Missing Content myUSD Portal

Information in the MyUSD portal is missing and you should have access to it.

myUSD Portal Form Issue

Having difficulty with a portal form

MyUSD Portal Invalid Certificate

How to access the myUSD portal when receiving a certificate error.

Old Faculty or Staff Information on Public Website

Information is not being updated on faculty/staff listings or in bio pages on the public website

Pay for Parking with Passport Parking app

Download the Passport Parking app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store

Reporting an Error With a USD ColdFusion Application

How to request corrections to ColdFusion Applications where errors exist

Reporting an Issue with a Link in the Portal

Reporting an issue with links not opening properly in the My USD Portal.

Requesting a Technical or Functional Change in the Portal

How to request a change to the way the portal works or user specific content (for example your name or information listed in the portal). This article does not describe how to make general content changes.

Requesting a Vanity/Short URL

How to request a vanity or short URL

Requesting an Update to the Online Registration Form

How to request changes to the Online Registration Form

Requesting Changes or Reporting Issues to USD Website

To report issues or request changes to

Requesting Information on myUSD Portal Portlet

How to request information on My USD Portal content

Requesting Medical Resident SSN Updates

Guide on requesting an SSN update in the Medical Resident/Affiliate Database

Requesting New myUSD Portal Quick Link

How to request a new button be added to the uPortal Quick Links.

Requesting Same Day Appointments with the Student Counseling Center

How to book a same day couseling appointment at the Student Counseling Center (Cookhouse). Due to COVID telehealth appointments will be held remotely.

Requesting Student Information to be Updated in the SPEL Program

How to request student information to be updated in the SPEL program

Requesting Web Form Creation

Process for requesting a form be created for use on the USD webpage

SafeColleges Online Training

How to access SafeColleges training.

Services Catalog

Coyote One Stop Services Catalog is a convenient way to view your tickets, Favorite and Recent services.

SGA Elections

How to run for senate with SGA Elections.

Submitting Facilities Management Work Order Requests

How to submit a Facilities Management Work Order

Unable to log in (SDBOR Portal)

Logging into the SDBOR Portal

Unable to log into Coyote Careers

Account assistance for Coyote Careers

Unlocking a Page in SiteCore

Requesting a SiteCore Page be unlocked

Updates In Digital Measures Are Not Showing On Public Website

Information or image updated in Digital Measures, but the change isn't showing up on the public website

Updating Calendar Feeds on the Public Website to Use 25Live Data

Guide on how to update the event feeds on the public website to use 25Live data

Updating Content in myUSD Portal

Instructions on how to update content in myUSD for Portal Administrators.

Updating Files or Content in myUSD Portal

How to update or replace content or files in the myUSD Portal

Updating USD Web Application/Database

How to request an update in a ColdFusion application or a custom application written or maintained by USD.

Updating Web Page

Contact Marketing Communications & University Relations for assistance

USD Involved Action Center Issues

What to do when experiencing issues, need to remove a club, or change something, on USD Involved site