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Information about USD Meal Plan Options

Applying for a Fire Regulation Exemption

How do I apply for an fire regulation exemption?
How do I apply for a burn exemption?
What are the requirements for a fire regulation exemption?

Applying for a Housing Exemption

What if I don't want to live on campus? 
What is a housing exemption?
How do I apply for a housing exemption?
How likely is it the my exemption will be approved?

Applying for an Alcohol Exemption

How do I apply for an alcohol exemption?
What are the requirements for an alcohol exemption?
Can I have alcohol on campus?

Applying for Housing

You can submit your housing application once you have paid your university housing deposit.

Cable TV in Dorms

What to do to setup Cable TV or where to report Cable TV issues

Cashiers Viewing Meal Plan swipes

How do cashiers see how many meals are remaining on a meal plan?

Changing Meal Plan

How to sign up, cancel or change your meal plan.

Community Living Policies

What are the community living policies?
Where is the list of community living policies?
What happens if I violate a community living policy?

Early Arrival Requests

How to request approval for early arrival.

How to do Laundry in the Dorms

How do I do laundry in the dorms? 
Is laundry coin operated?
How do I pay for laundry?

Living Learning Communities

What is a Living Learning Community?
What Living Learning Communities are offered?
Where are the Living Learning Communities located?
How do I join a Living Learning Community?

Maintenance in the Dorms

How do I request maintenance for my dorm? What do I do if something is wrong with my dorm room?

Meal Plan Exemption

How do I apply for a meal plan exemption?

Off-Campus Housing

What are the options for off-campus housing?

Posting Flyers in the Dorms

Can I hang posters for my club/event in the residence halls?
How can I get posters approved for the residence halls?
What are the posting guidelines for the residence halls?

Questions about Heating on Campus

Questions about heating

Questions about Housing Application

Questions about Housing applications

Requesting a Loft

How do I request a loft for my bed?

Requesting Ethernet Ports in Dorm Rooms

Requesting network port to be added in a dorm room

Requesting Refunds for Meal Plan

How to request refunds of Food Service Fees

Residence Hall Addresses

Can I have the address for the residence hall?

Residence Hall C-Stores

A description of the c-stores and what they provide.

Residence Hall Front Desk Resources

What the front desks in the residence halls provide.

Room Changes

Can I do a room change during the semester?

What is Provided in the Dorms

What is provided in the dorm rooms? What furniture comes with the dorm?