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Accessing Coyote Connections

How to gain access to Coyote Connections

Change Major/Minor or Add Major/Minor

How do I change my major/minor or add a major/minor or change my academic catalog?

Class Attendance Location Confirmation

How to complete Self Service Banner State Location Confirmation.

Coyote Connections Calendar Sync Issues

Coyote Connections calendar is not syncing with USD calendar.

Coyote Connections Not Showing Advisor Information

How to show advisors in Coyote Connections

Creating a new Watch List in Coyote Connections

How to steps for importing students to a Watch List in Coyote Connections

Creating Appointment Availabilities in Coyote Connections

Setting up availability defines the days and times you will be available to meet with students.

Dropping a Course

How to drop a course with the Self-Service Registration

Entering Final Grades in Self Service

When/How can Instructors put grades in Self Service?

Entering Midterm Grades in Self-Service

Instructions on submitting your midterm grades in Self-Service

Finding My Advisor

How do I find out who my advisor is?

Keeping Attendance in Coyote Connections

How to keep attendance in Coyote Connections.

Launching an Advising Campaign in Coyote Connections

Appointment Campaigns enable advisors to send appointment requests to all of their advisees at once.

Prepare for Registration

Use these steps to prepare for registration. You will be able to view any holds as well as the times you can register for classes.

Raising Coyote Connections Early Alerts

How to raise alerts in Coyote Connections

Registering for Classes

Self Service registration is web-based and mobile friendly, allowing students to search/register for classes anytime & anywhere on their device of choice. (Registration permitted after their time ticket date and advisor hold has been removed) .

Scheduling an Appointment with Academic Advisor

How to schedule an appointment with Academic Advisor

Student Applying for a Job

How students apply for a position on campus

Student Viewing Registration Holds

How Students can view Registration Holds

Syncing Coyote Connections Calendar with Outlook

A Step-by-Step Guide Sync-ing Coyote Connections Calendar with Outlook.

Unrecognized Sender Sending Emails from Coyote Connections

Troubleshooting Coyote Connections Unrecognized Sender error

USD Tutoring

USD offers a variety of tutoring. Tutoring help is available for on-campus & online USD students.

Using Coyote Connections

Coyote Connections can serve a number of functions for faculty and advisors. Its most common functions include scheduling assistance, messaging students, attendance-taking and a platform for tracking Early Alerts.

Verifying how Transfer Credits were Applied to my Degree

How do I know how my transfer credits have been applied to my academic degree program?

Verifying Primary Campus or Home School

How to Verify Primary Campus or Home School

Viewing Class Schedule

Steps to view class schedule by term in Self Service.

Viewing classes I have completed

How do I see what classes I have completed?

Viewing Classes needed to Graduate

How do I see which classes I need to graduate?