Class Attendance Location Confirmation


Completing the student location confirmation

My self-registration is not working, it won't let me register for my classes

Self Service loads to Action Item Processing

You have Action Items pending that halt access to this process.  Continue to resolve your Action Items.  Cancel to return to previous page.

I am supposed to name my state of residence to register for classes


  • Student Location Confirmation
  • Registration Terms and Conditions
  • Self Service Banner


Federal regulations require that students declare to their university the location from which they are taking classes. In order to comply with this regulation, the Board of Regents created a “pop-up” screen in Banner Self-Service that asks students to declare a location - students must select a US state or “Outside of the United States.”


Note: All tasks must be completed and saved before they can add, drop, or register for any class in this or any upcoming term

Note: Use Internet Explorer or Edge if other browsers don't work

Registration Video tutorial available here 

  1. Access Self Service Registration ​​​​​​
  2. In the Pop up Box Action Item Processing Click Continue
  3. In the Yellow box on the right, Click View Action Items
  4. Click Register for Classes in each pending area
    1. Three location questions, one for Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters
  5. This will open the action item in the right pane,  Choose the appropriate location
    Note: Select the state you are physically located while taking courses or participating in supervised field experiences (internships, clinical placements, student teaching, or practicum)
    1. Students must select a US state or Outside of the United States
      • Students taking all courses on-campus should South Dakota
      • Students primarily located in South Dakota, but participating in a supervised field experience, select the state where their field experience is
      • Students not taking a class select I do not plan to attend this Term/I will graduate prior to this Term and will not be enrolled
  6. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click SAVE
    Note: The gray Pending buttons will turn green when you have completed each task
  7. Continue on to do the same for all semesters listed 
  8. Scroll all the way down to agree or disagree with the terms
    Note: if you disagree, you will not be able to register for classes
  9. Click SAVE
  10. If all of the items on the left are now green, click Return in the upper right corner
  11. The Box Action Item Processing  will pop up again, Click Cancel
  12. You should now be able to choose Register for Classes to proceed with registration or schedule changes

Note: Click Completing Registration Terms & Conditions below attachments for instructions with images 


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