Find mental health, personal and property safety resources.

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Bicycle Registration

How to register your bike on campus.

Campus Safety Escorts

Campus escorts is a service provided by the University Police Department for students and employees who feel more secure moving about campus in the company of a police officer

Firearm Storage

Residential students and guests wishing to store firearms who do not have a personal vehicle in which to do so, or who wish to store in an alternate location from their vehicle, may store their firearm at the University Police Department storage facility at no charge

Identity Theft

Steps to take if you suspect identity theft.

Installing Everbridge Safety Mobile App

How to install Everbridge mobile app used to stay safe and connected on campus.

Interpersonal Violence

How To Preserve Evidence Prior to Contacting Law Enforcement

Mental Health or Counseling and Support

There are a variety of mental health services and resources to USD.

Protection Orders

How do I file for a protection order?

Safety Tips

Personal Safety Tips

Sexual Harassment, Violence, and Stalking

How to report Sexual Harassment, Violence, and Stalking

USD Saferides

How to contact USD Saferides.

Using USD's Self-Help Site for Mental Health, Wellness & Life Skill Resources

USD offers online resources for students, faculty and staff to get help for common concerns 24/7, take a free, mental health screening and learn how to recognize signs of psychological distress to help a friend in need with TAO Connect (Therapy Assistance Online).