Sexual Harassment, Violence, and Stalking


How to report Sexual Harassment, Violence, and Stalking


The University of South Dakota takes an active role in addressing sexual violence both on and off campus. This approach includes but is not limited to: the offering of effective programming designed to help prevent sexual assault, the prompt and efficient investigation of all reported incidents, and the providing of resources and services as well as any other reasonable assistance requested under Title IX.

What To Do Immediately Following an Assault or Other Act of Interpersonal Violence

  1. Are you safe or in need of emergency medical attention?
    • If not, Contact the Police and/or EMS
      • The University Police Department can be reached by calling 605-658-6199
      • The Vermillion Police Department or your local law enforcement agency can be reached by calling 911
      • Emergency medical assistance can be reached by calling 911
  2. Do you need medical attention?
    • Sanford Vermillion is prepared to assist victims immediately following an assault.
      • They are confidential and can help with:
        • Injury Evaluation
        • Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing
        • Pregnancy Testing
        • Completing a sexual assault evidence collection kit (completed at no cost)
      • Contact Sanford Vermillion Medical Center for immediate assistance by calling 605-624-2611
    • If you are outside the Vermillion area, please seek assistance/treatment from your local medical provider/hospital
    • Financial support and resources may be available if the financial burden of seeking medical assistance is a barrier to being treated
    • Preservation of Evidence Considerations
  3. Do you want to make a report?
    1. File a Sexual Harrassment, Assult ot Stakling Complaint to Title IX
    2. Report a Crime to UPD
    3. USD Title IX and UPD are mandatory reporters and campus security authorities in accordance with the Clery Act. If you wish to seek supportive resources without informing a mandatory reporter, please consider contacting the Student Counseling Center, a victim advocate such as River City Domestic Violence Center, or another professional counselor/pastoral care provider. If the incident occurred off campus or away from the Vermillion area, please consider contacting local law enforcement. USD Title IX or the University Police can help locate the proper agency to contact if assistance is needed.
  4. Do you need support through recovery?
    1. ICARE: ICARE at the University of South Dakota is committed to the prevention of domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking in the campus community. 
    2. Student Counseling Center: If you or someone you know would like to speak to a confidential USD staff member for support or information related to issues of sexual violence, relationship violence, or stalking, please contact the  Student Counseling Center by calling 605-658-3580, emailing or visiting the SCC website. If you need mental health crisis support outside of business hours, Coyote Care is available at 833-569-1686.
    3. Title IX: At USD, the University Title IX Coordinator serves as the point of contact for those seeking information or wanting to report violations of human rights, acts of discrimination/harassment, sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking and other forms of sexual misconduct. Title IX connects students/employees with support resources for medical assistance, safety measures, academic success, and resolution measures through the university or the criminal system. This is in addition to equal access to university programs and educational opportunities. Title IX supportive resources may include academic accommodations, counseling accommodations, on-campus work accommodations, university housing accommodations, safety accommodations, and a formal or informal resolution process.

Please contact University Police if you need further assistance

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