Installing Everbridge Safety Mobile App


How Do I install Everbridge mobile app? 

What is the Everbridge mobile app? 



The Everbridge mobile app will function the same as the ongoing notification system but offers additional, enhanced safety features to help keep our community safe and informed during crisis situations.


Stay Safe & Connected on Campus

  • The Everbridge mobile app turns your smart phone into a virtual security guard that provides 24/7 protection no matter where you are on campus or when traveling abroad

Install Everbridge Mobil App

  1. Please register for the USD Campus Alert System
  2. Update your contact information
    • Having your latest contact information in our notification system is the only way to ensure we can quickly communicate with you in an emergency, and downloading the app enables you to access the widest range of safety features offered
  3. Download Everbridge application from:
  4. The first time you run the app:,
    1. Click on Find an organization or subscription
    2. Type USD in the search box
    3. Select University of South Dakota from the search results
    4. Click the Single Sign-On button
    5. Sign in with your USD credentials
  5. In the app you'll be able to choose which alerts to get and how you want to receive updates
  6. You can access a play list of tutorial videos from Everbridge online as you learn how to navigate the app

The following features can be accessed through the app, by clicking on the red shield at the bottom of the screen:

  • Emergency Call
    • Emergency Call Icon (orange square with phone)
    • Users can quickly place an emergency call to 911 or campus security through the app. If someone is off campus or traveling abroad, the emergency call button automatically routes to the local emergency management services

  • SOS Panic
    • SOS Panic Button Icon (red square with explanation mark)
    • The app includes a panic button, which can send an SOS request to the campus emergency dispatcher with a single touch. When the button is pressed, the phone's video functionality automatically launches, records what is happening, and transmits the video and audio in real time with the SOS request to the emergency dispatcher
  • Safe Corridor
    • Safe Corridor Icon (light blue square with shoe prints)
    • The mobile app also allows users to proactively send check-in notifications to campus police if they are in a potentially vulnerable situation, such as walking across campus late at night by themselves. If the user doesn't check in at the prescribed interval once they have activated the 'safe corridor,' campus police will be dispatched to the user's last known location to ensure they are safe.

Thank you for taking these steps as we further strengthen the security available at our university

Please contact University Police if you need further assistance


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