Identity Theft


What should I do if I suspect identity theft?


Identity theft has become a huge problem for both consumers and law enforcement. The anonymity of the World Wide Web offers criminals direct access to you and can lead to data breaches at government agencies and private companies. They seem to happen almost daily. Becoming a victim of identity theft is a very personally invading crime that can ruin your life. Consumers have resources to protect themselves and report incidents of identity theft or fraud.

Private sources such as banks, insurance companies and online privacy groups offer services to protect your identity. Along with those steps, if you do become the victim of identity theft, you can stop by the police department and pick up a packet on the steps to take in such cases. Another online resource is to report the incident to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below. It can also be used to report fraud and unfair business practices.

To submit a Consumer Complaint to the Federal Trade Commission about fraud, identity theft or an unfair business practice, please visit You may also file a report at your local police department, such as the USD University Police Department located in the Davidson building.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with ways to protect your privacy. If you have any questions on some of the ways to do this, you can also contact the USD University Police Department at 605-658-6199.

Please contact University Police if you need further assistance.

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