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Accepting or Declining Financial Aid Award

How to accept or decline your Financial Aid award letter?

Accessing Financial Aid Self Service Portal

Used to access the university Financial Aid Self Service Portal

Applying for a Parent Plus Loan

Steps to apply for a Parent Plus Loan

Applying for Work Study Positions

The Federal Work Study Program (FWS) provides students the opportunity to earn money for their educational expenses.

Completing Exit Counseling for Financial Aid

How to prepare for Exit Counseling, which is a service the government provides to prepare for how to pay for federal student loans.

Completing FAFSA

The Office of Financial Aid works with students and parents to explore the many resources available to help make your college education even more affordable.

Completing my Master Promissory Note (MPN)

How to complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) needed for......

Completing the Entrance Counseling needed for Financial Aid

How to complete Entrance Counseling which may be required to obtain Federal Financial Aid.

Completing the FAFSA Verification Process

The U. S. Department of Education or The University of South Dakota may select your financial aid application (FAFSA information) for review in a process called verification.

Completing the Grad PLUS Master Promissory Note (MPN)

How to complete the PLUS MPN for Graduate or Professional Students.

Deadline for completing FAFSA

Deadline for completing the FAFSA

FAFSA Information Reported in a Divorce Situation

What parent's information is reported on the FAFSA in a divorce situation?

Federal Direct Subsidized Loan

What is a Federal Direct Subsidized Loan?

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

What is a Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan?

Financial Aid and distance learning

How to receive financial aid when only taking distance courses?

Financial Aid Award Letter Clarification

How to understand my Financial Aid Award letter.

Graduate Programs Financial Aid Amounts

What is the maximum amount of loans I can receive in a graduate program per year?

Hiring for Federal Work Study Positions

How do I hire students for Federal Work-Study positions?

Is Completing a FAFSA Required?

FAFSA is only needed if a federal aid program is to help pay for higher education expenses

Locked Out of Self Service Banner

Steps to unlock your Self Service account.

Needing More Financial Aid than Awarded

Options to look into if the amount of Financial Aid Awarded is not enough.

Qualifying for Work Study

How to find out if you’re eligible for work study even if you weren’t awarded it

Question About FAFSA

What to do with a question about Financial Aid

Status of Financial Aid Award Letter

How to access the university Financial Aid Self Service Portal to view your Award Letter

Turning in Outside Scholarships

What to do if you receive a scholarship from an outside organization.

USD's Financial Aid School Code

To complete the FAFSA, this code is required.

Verification Selection for FAFSA

Selections for verification may be made randomly or to resolve any inconsistencies or errors made on a FAFSA application.

Verifying my FAFSA was received

How to verify online if your FAFSA has been received.

Where is my Financial Aid Refund

Steps to take to see if a refund was credited to your account.

Why hasn't Financial Aid been Awarded

How to clarify why financial aid has not been awarded?