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How to access your ebooks bought through the USD Online Bookstore.
How to sell your textbooks at the end of the semester. There are several options.
How instructors set up First Day Access (FDA) materials for the USD Online Bookstore (
Describes the steps to take if some classes you have signed up for are not visible in the online bookstore.
Course materials are only visible to students once the adoption period is over. This way students do not need to keep checking back to see if more information is available in the USD Online Bookstore.
Department chairs and department administrators have the ability to update and review courses in the online bookstore If some courses are not visible and it has been determined they are in Banner, this describes what to do.
If the course name is incorrectly showing in the USD Online Bookstore, it is most likely because it is incorrectly listed in Banner Student. This describes how to have it fixed.
Explains how to search for courses which are being taught at the University. The results also identify who teaching the class and how many students are registered.
What information is needed by IT if you have an unhandled exception when trying to log on to
Steps for ordering books and how to find the list of books you will need
How to use the USD Book Advance payment option to buy books now and pay later.
How to opt out of buying First Day Access Materials which are paid for with course registration.
What to do if you are unable to access your course in the USD Bookstore online.
Requesting Student-Athlete Book Scholar information be transferred to Akademos through the Network Shared Drive.
Instructions how to search for answers and ask questions regarding textbooks and fan shop items.