Ordering Books Through USD's Online Bookstore


  • How do I order books through Charlie's BookStore 
  • I'm trying to order books for class in the portal and when I click on the link to get them it says the page doesn't exist
  • Using the online bookstore


  • Charlie's Bookstore website
  • usd.textbookx.com
  • USD's Online Bookstore


  1. There are three options to access USD’s Online Bookstore
    Note: if your home institution is not USD (BHSU, DSU, NSU, SD Mines, SDSU) please use option c in D2L
    1. Go to www.usd.edu/textbooks or usd.textbookx.com
    2. In MyUSD portal
      1. Select Books icon to log in
    3. In D2L
      1. Login to D2L
      2. Click Resources in the red banner at the top of the page in your class
      3. Select USD Bookstore & Bookshelf
      4. View Required course materials
      5. Click Take me to the online bookstore for more details and to order
        Note: optional book materials will be displayed in the bookstore 
  2. If you chose option a or b, you will need to log in
    1. For computers or laptops, click Log in  
    2. For cell phones, click Log In View your courses or  
    3. Login with USD Account (in D2L, SDBOR accounts can be used to access the bookstore)
      Note: if you do not have a USD account and did not access the USD Bookstore via D2L , sign in as a guest user and search by course, 
    4. Verify with DUO (two-factor authentication)
  3. Select your Textbooks from under My Courses
  4. Choose your books or ebooks
  5. To check out click  and proceed to checkout
    Note: if you are taking a class from another South Dakota institute (BHSU, DSU, NSU, School of Mines or SDSU), information about books will be in D2L
    Note: if you have First Day Access materials, these will be paid with your tuition, if you already have these materials from a previous class, you can opt-out of them
  6. Select your shipping address, it is preset to Charlie’s Bookstore in the MUC, but can be changed to another address
    Note: if you live in the dorms, have materials sent to the MUC or your home address during the breaks
  7. Enter your phone number
  8. Click save
  9. For books select a shipping method
  10. Scroll down and click continue
  11. For checkout, select your payment option
  12. If you are eligible for the interest-free Book Advance payment option, you can charge bookstore purchases of books and supplies directly to your university bill
  13. To use this option, you will need to select Apply USD Book Advance to this order
    . You are responsible for the remaining amount of the Book Advance used during the semester according to the USD Book Advance Program.
  14. If you are using a voucher code:
    1. Scroll down to Add a School Voucher or Gift Code
    2. Enter the code
    3. Click apply
  15. Click submit payment​​​​​​
    Note: Once the order is submitted, you will see the confirmation of the screen and receive an email confirming your order.


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