Adding First Day Access Materials (FDAs) to the Online Bookstore


How do I add First Day Access (FDAs) to the USD Online Bookstore?


  • USD instructor/faculty
  • USD Online Bookstore
  • Akademos


Inclusive access materials are required


  1. Instructors adopting First-Day Access (FDA) materials need to reach out to the publisher and work with them to secure the ISBN for the specific course materials 
    Note: The instructor must confirm FDA materials each semester with the publisher. The publisher will contact the online bookstore with the material, cost, and information on an optional loose leaf, if available. 
  2. When Adopting course materials in the USD Online Bookstore, the Instructor must log in each semester to mark the course as FDA
    1. Check the box for Alternate Adoption Settings
    2. Select This course uses First Day Access material
    3. Submit the course adoption
      Note: Marking the course as FDA in the online bookstore notifies the online bookstore to set up First Day Access on your course, prevents an automatic alert from the online bookstore asking you to complete your book adoption for that course and is used to cross-reference course information submitted by the publisher to the online bookstore to catch any discrepancies.
  3. Instructors will need to work with the publisher to incorporate the links into Desire2Learn(D2L)
  • Students access FDA materials directly through a unique, publisher-provided link through D2L which may require instructor assistance to set up
  • For Pearson products, the student can visit their online bookstore eLibrary to obtain their access information
  • For questions about how to set up the link within D2L, please contact your publisher representative 
  • For other questions about D2L please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning


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