Textbook information not visible to students in USD Online Bookstore

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I submitted (via Akademos) text book information for my summer course last week, now I see the following message

Note: This term is not currently visible to your students. This link will only display the course page once the adoption period closes. 

Course material missing in the USD Online Bookstore


  • USD Instructors
  • usd.textbookx.com
  • USD Online Bookstore
  • usd.edu/textbooks
  • Akademos


The portal is not opened to students in the adoption period, it will be opened when all books have been entered so that they do not need to log on multiple times


Note: Deadlines for ordering textbooks will be communicated each semester by email.

  1. First Day Access Materials for all summer courses (even those beginning in May) were due in April, dates will be communicated by email
  2. Students will have access to First Day Access materials through D2L or USD.edu/textbooks at the start of class
  3. Faculty adopting texts for summer courses June 1 and after must submit their materials no later than May 10 and through USD.edu/textbooks
  4. Faculty whose Fall semester begins before August 26 (School of Medicine, Law School, selected Health Sciences programs, etc.) must submit their materials no later than May 10 through USD.edu/textbooks
  5. Faculty whose Fall semester begins end of August must submit their course adoptions through USD.edu/textbooks no later than June 1

Note:  Faculty will only have access to USD.edu/textbooks between July 1st to July 15th for the upcoming semester

Submitting adoption information is a quick and easy process

  1. If your course does not require any course materials, or if you use OER materials in your class, you will need to indicate this through the bookstore
  2. The bookstore will display the information to students when they login to purchase their materials
  3. Students will have access to purchase course materials as follows:
    1. First Day Access Materials for all 2019 summer courses will be available to students beginning May 6 through USD.edu/textbooks
    2. Materials that are not First Day Access for courses starting May 13 are available now through Barnes & Noble
    3. Materials for summer courses starting June 1 or later will be available to students May 13 through USD.edu/textbooks
    4. Students will have access to materials for courses starting August 26  through USD.edu/textbooks on July 1
    5. The bookstore is working with representative from the School of Medicine, the Law School, and other programs that start prior to August 26 to determine the best time to make their materials available to students
  4. The USD bookstore site has robust training videos and materials
  5. Click help on the bottom left menu bar to access them
  6. For more information on adding materials see Adopting course material in the USD Online Bookstore


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