Searching for Charlie's Bookstore & Fan Shop Answers

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Where do I go to search for answers for bookstore and fan shop questions?

How can I enter Coyote One Stop tickets for the university bookstore or fan shop?


  • Charlie's Bookstore & Fan Shop
  • Student Brand Ambassador (SBA)


  1. Find an answer:
    1. By searching Coyote One Stop or
    2. Go to Ask Charlie’s Bookstore & Fan Shop a Question for more assistance
  2. Go to step 4 if you are not a Student Brand Ambassador (SBA) working at Charlie's
  3. If you are unable to answer the customer’s questions by searching in Coyote One Stop or
    1. Click the link in 1b or
    2. If you are in Coyote One Stop
      1. Click Services
      2. Click the Category Ask a Question, Report an Incident or Request Service
      3. Click Ask Charlie’s Bookstore & Fan Shop a Question
      4. Click Ask a question (right hand side)
      5. Complete the next steps for the customer, Student Brand Ambassadors should not be listed as the requester
  4. Ask your question, by filling out the form in 1b
    Note: Requestors who are students, faculty or staff need to use their USD email
    1. Indicate if you are a student, professor, parent/guardian or other
    2. Indicate if the request is regarding the bookstore or fan shop
    3. Fill out as much information as possible to ensure a timely response
    4. Click Request
    5. The Requestor will receive an automated confirmation email


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