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Blackboard Transact, Coyote Card and Door Security


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Pinned Article Student Resources

How students can access various technology resources from on- and off-campus

Campus Alert System Setting contact preferences

The Campus Alert system is an emergency notification tool for the public universities governed by the SD Board of Regents. This system uses the Everbridge platform to help us notify students, staff, and faculty of emergencies that occur on or near campus locations. Emergencies may include, but not be limited to, weather alerts, school closings, fire or criminal activity.

Contacting Student Legal Aid

How do I contact student legal aid?

Installing Everbridge Safety Mobile App

How to install Everbridge mobile app used to stay safe and connected on campus.

Medical Student Technical Standards

The University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine (USD-SSOM) affirms that no applicant to Medical School will be excluded based on sex, race, color, creed, rural background, socioeconomic status, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, gender, gender identification, transgender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, genetic information, and veteran status.

Picking up my Student Game Day Ticket

How to claim your Student Game Day ticket in Paciolan.

Renting Yote Bikes

Where and how to check out a Yote Bike.

Requesting Student Organization Funding

How to receive student organization funding

Running for Senate

How do I run for senate?

Starting a Student Organization

How do I create a student organization

Transportation Options in Vermillion

Students have various options to get around the community, to grocery stores and USD Saferide on the weekend.

USD Health Affairs Infection Control Policies & Procedures Manual

For the protection of the health of our students and because of the risks of exposure to infectious diseases to which students are subjected in the course of clinical work, certain tests and immunizations are required.

USD Saferides

How to contact USD Saferides.

USD Spirit Shirt Design Contest Rules

USD Spirit Shirt Design Contest Rules

Using USD's Self-Help Site for Mental Health, Wellness & Life Skill Resources

USD offers online resources for students, faculty and staff to get help for common concerns 24/7, take a free, mental health screening and learn how to recognize signs of psychological distress to help a friend in need with TAO Connect (Therapy Assistance Online).

Voting for Student Government Association (SGA) Senators not Possible

What to do if you are unable to cast a vote in the SGA election.

When are Student Government Association Meetings

When and where are Student government meetings