Multi-function Copier Access


Multifunction devices will allow you to print, copy and scan to email.  Use your USD Coyote Card, prepaid copier card or log in with your USD credentials.  If you would like to purchase a Multifunction Device for your location, please contact Auxiliary Services.

Multifunction Copiers are set up in most buildings throughout campus. See Multifunction Copier Locations for a complete list of locations.

UPrint printer is installed by default on University owned computers.

To install UPrint on a personally owned computer, you will need to Install UPrint printer

Click the Request Access to Cost Center button on this page to request access to a department cost center you don't already have access to use.


Note: Attempting to load the unit with cardstock or other unapproved paper types may cause paper jams or otherwise damage the unit. Please do not load multifunction copiers with unapproved paper types.  Please be sure to remove staples, paper clips, and other binding materials from documents before using the topside scanner.

Available To

Faculty, staff, students, and guests


Printing and copying cost $.07 per page pay with Coyote Cash or Department account 
Guest Users can request copies at the ID Weeks Library Circulation desk for $.10 per page

Scanning is free

Request Access to Cost Center

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Service Offerings (1)

Request Access to Department Cost Center
USD employees can use their department index number to print or copy on multifunction copiers. Use this service to request access to a department cost center (index number).