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How to enter leave requests online



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An employee needs to know how to enter in leave requests. All leave (except Administrative Leave and Paid Family Leave) should be entered and approved using the online leave request rather than placing the leave directly on the timesheet. The approved leave request will populate the timesheet.


Note: Leave can be requested in the Leave Request system up to six months in advance. You must have enough leave accrued at the time of the request to cover the leave taken

Note: With the exception of emergencies, annual leave taken should be submitted/approved prior to leaving for the vacation

Requesting Leave

  1. Clarify with your supervisor when you plan to take days off
  2. Log into SNAP
  3. Enter Username and Password
  4. Click Sign in
  5. Click Employee on the left menu
  6. Under Leave Request, click SDBOR Leave Request System
  7. Click to Select type of leave being requested
    1. A standard shift schedule is Monday-Friday with a one-hour unpaid lunch break
    2. If you work a non-standard shift (overnight, weekend, or don’t have a one hour unpaid lunch), click the “Weekend Hours, Overnight Hours, or Non-Standard Shift” box, You will then need to complete steps below for Non-Standard Shift Employees

Standard Shift Employees

  1. Enter the beginning and end time of your daily shift
    1. Any entries over 4 hours will automatically include a one-hour lunch
    2. If this lunch break is not accurate
      1. Click the Non-Standard shift box in the previous steps so you can recalculate the total leave time requested using the steps for Non-Standard Shift Employees
  2. On the appropriate calendars, click on the beginning and ending dates of your leave request
    1. Note: each day of absence using the range of dates must have the same leave schedule
    2. The total leave hours will be calculated in the Total Hours box below the calendar
  3. If they are accurate, click Submit the Request Now

Non-Standard Shift Employees

  1. To adjust the requested hours manually, make sure the Weekend Hours, Overnight Hours, or Non-Standard Shift box is checked
  2. Enter the total number of hours of leave in the Total Hours box
  3. Click Set Hours
  4. Enter the correct number of leave hours for each day
  5. Click Save and Close
  6. Click Submit the Request Now

See SD Board of Regents Policy 4-25 for more information on leave use


  • Hourly employees use leave in 15-minute increments for part day absences
  • Salaried employees only enter leave for full day absences.  The exception to full day absences for leave use by salaried employees is:
    • Family Medical Leave may be used in 15 increments
    • Administrative Leave half days (if they work the other half day of the day, else it is a full day of Annual leave)
  • Apart from Holiday pay, Paid Family Leave (maternity/paternity) and Administrative Leave, leave should not be entered directly onto the timesheet
    • When approved by the supervisor, leave requested in the online system is automatically entered onto the appropriate pay period timesheet
  • If you request multiple days of leave, but each day’s request is not the same number of hours, you will need to enter separate leave requests for each day.  
    • For example, if you leave noon on Monday, and return at noon on Friday, you enter 3 leave requests
      • One for 4 hours on Monday
      • One for 3 for 8 hours T-Th
      • One for 4 hours on Friday
  • You cannot combine multiple types of leave on a leave request, Submit separate leave requests for each type of leave requested
  • The Leave Request System has features to allow you to change, delete, or check the status of leave requests
  • Leave Requests must be approved by the supervisor prior to submitting your timesheet
  • Leave requests that cross a pay period must be approved by the supervisor during the first pay period in which leave occurs
    • Ex: a leave request for the calendar dates 18 – 25 must be approved prior to the timesheet deadline for the leave to properly populate both timesheets
  • Requests for leave for prior pay periods should not be entered contact Human Resources if you have leave errors for previous pay periods
  • If you change jobs, you will most likely get a new timesheet, you will also have to re-enter previously approved future leave requests, and obtain approvals from your current supervisor, for the leave to appear on your new timesheet


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