Personal Computer Support


USD offers Basic phone troubleshooting from wherever you are, if you have technical issues or questions, please contact the Service Desk.   More extensive issues would need to be checked in at one of our 3 locations:

  • Service Desk ID Weeks 104
  • Lee Med  Note: Only computers purchased from the Medical School Laptop program can be checked in at this location
  • Community College for Sioux Falls (CCSF)

USD has authorized service technicians to take care of warranty needs on computers purchased from our Laptop Purchase program

Our staff will provide customers with an estimated time of completion and an estimated cost (if applicable) at the time of check-in

Note: During peak times of the year, service for personal computers will be delayed
Note: IT shall not be held liable for loss of data, applications, or software programs


Free Support for the following:

  • Connecting to on-campus wired and wireless networks
  • Connecting to Pharos printers
  • Anti-virus software (Windows Defender)
  • Malware and virus removal
  • Operating system updates
  • Microsoft Office
  • USD system support
  • Basic software troubleshooting
  • In Warranty hardware repairs on computers purchased from USD
    Note: If not purchased from USD or Out of Warranty, please contact the vendor to request service
  • Loaner computers are available using Equipment Checkout (subject to availability and models may vary)

Repair Fee Based:

  • Computer hardware diagnostics
  • Limited software diagnostics
    Note: Diagnostic Fee is 1 hour at the current hourly rate listed below cost
Target Completion Date

5 Business days

Available To

Personal computer support is only available to active University students, faculty, and staff


Support options are limited, and there may be a fee associated with some services, Staff will provide customers with an estimated cost at the time of check-in

Diagnostic Fee and Hourly Rate $32.76 plus tax

5.013 Personal Computer Support

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