Password Reset


Your University username and password provides you with access to many resources.  There are two options for resetting your password, depending on whether you know your current password or not:

If you remember your current password 
If you do not know your password 
  • To protect your privacy and data from being compromised,  it is essential that you:
  • Change your password immediately if it is at risk for any reason, examples:
    • You shared your password
    • You have reason to believe your password is compromised
  • The following requirements have been put in place to help you in creating a strong secure password:
    • Minimum length of 8 characters
    • Must not be a word found in the dictionary, English or foreign
    • Must contain at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
    • Must contain at least one number or special character
Password Guidelines:


  • Use a password with mixed-case letters
  • Use a password that contains alphanumeric characters
  • Use special characters, like (& @ * $)
  • Use a seemingly random selection of letters and numbers


  • Use keyboard sequences, example: qazwsx
  • Use University User name or email address
  • Use a password of all numbers or all letters
  • Must not be a password previously compromised as part of a security breach
  • Use a password containing repeated characters such as aaaa1111
  • Must not be a single dictionary word
  • Use other information easily obtained about you, such as pet name, license plate, telephone numbers, address, etc.
  • Write a password on sticky notes, calendars, or store it online where it can be accessed by others
  • Share passwords with anyone
  • Reuse the same password for multiple sites
Available To

USD Faculty, Staff, Students, as well as USD Affiliates, and Volunteers if required for their volunteer duties


Available at no cost


5.008 User Passwords 
SDBOR Acceptable Use of Information Technology Systems Policy 7:1


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