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How to name folders in Outlook?


Most of the time, the name for a folder will be a simple choice. If you are creating a folder to store messages about a specific project, you will probably name the folder after the project. However, consistency in choosing folder names makes saved messages easier to find.
The following tips for naming folders can make folders easier to locate:

  1. Using all capital letters when naming important folders makes them stand out.  
  2. Placing a number followed by an underscore (_) at the beginning of a folder name makes the folder appear first in an alphabetized list of folders. 
    1. Numbering folders this way also forces the order of the folders when alphabetizing isn't appropriate. 
    2. Using numbers also provides one more advantage. When you click a folder in the list of folders and start typing, Outlook automatically moves you to the folder matching the first few keys you press (type proj, for example, and you'll move to a folder named Projects). Press a number key to move directly to a folder that starts with that number.
  3. Placing the letter z followed by an underscore (_) forces a folder to appear after all other folders in a list. 

This is handy for moving lower-priority folders out of the way. Keep in mind, though, that while each of these tips can make folders easier to locate, combining too many different naming techniques can actually confuse you more than help you. Choose the naming techniques that make the most sense for you, and use them consistently.

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