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How to structure your email folders in Outlook?


Organizing your e-mail is really about achieving two goals. The first goal is to save old messages where you can find them quickly. The second goal is to distinguish easily between messages you've already dealt with and messages you still need to act on.
There are people who save all of their old messages right in their Inbox — sometimes thousands of old messages. They skim through them once or twice a year, deleting messages they don't need any more. Or maybe they just move all the messages to a new folder named Old Messages.  This is not necessarily the most convenient and functional way to organize your email.    
Moving messages out of your Inbox and into well-named, organized folders helps you out in several ways:

  1. You save only the messages you need to act on in your Inbox making it easier to see what tasks are upcoming
  2. You store fewer messages in a folder making Outlook respond faster when working within that folder.  
  3. Filing away messages in folders makes messages easier to find when you need them.

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