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How do I create a contact in Outlook?


If you're keeping a message around so that you'll have a contact's e-mail address handy, we have a better idea. Why not create a contact entry in People?

  1. You can drag a message to People on the lower navigation bar to get the contact entry started.
    • When you drag a message to the People button, a new Contact form opens and the e-mail address in the message is automatically added to it.
  2. From there you can fill in the rest of the details, such as a street address, telephone number, and so on. The next time you need to look up a bit of information about that contact, you'll know right where to look: in People.

By storing contact information in People you'll be able to easily search for the contact, add him or her to a distribution list, or use the person's contact information in a mail merge. You can even store a contact's picture with the contact so you can always see a face with the name.

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