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How do I use rules in Outlook?


Rules help you manage e-mail by performing certain actions whenever you get or send an e-mail that matches certain criteria. Generally, they either help organize your messages or notify you when a set of conditions has been met. For example, rules can:
Move messages from a particular recipient into a new folder

  1. Use keywords to categorize messages based on their contents
  2. Apply visual flags to messages to make it easier to find them
  3. Notify you by sound or by a pop-up a message when you receive a particular message
  4. Automatically color code (using a category) certain recipients emails
  5. You can set rules to run automatically or run them manually whenever needed.
  6.  You can also add exceptions to rules so that it only applies to the right messages.

For more information about Outlook 2016, please view this CTL tutorial: Outlook 2016

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