25Live Simplified - What is and isn't changing


25Live Simplified - What is and isn't changing


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What has changed:

  1. Easier way to start an event request
  2. New Simplified Dashboard
    • Mobile ready display – easy to access on your phone to see events and create requests
  3. Event Form is one page, no more clicking Next
  4. New way to find all your events
  5. The back button now works
  6. Currently there is no way to pick a location layout when creating an event request
    • Please put in Comment section any layout requests until this issue is fixed

What has NOT changed:

  1. All of your Favorites or Starred items
    • This includes all your events, locations and searches that you have saved in 25Live Classic
  2. Any existing searches and events
    • You will access 25Live the same way 
  3.  Log in with your USD login and password
  4. No new requests that start within 24 hours of when you are making your request
  5. Event Header at the end of the request process
    • Choose an event heading that works for your event – most should be USD Events
    • IMPORTANT: Do not choose Medical School Events unless the event is in the Medical School


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