VoIP Phone System


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a service that allows phone calls through an Internet connection, in lieu of using analog phone lines.  IP phone systems provide essential voice, video, messaging and conferencing technology. 

To request a VoIP phone number or change an existing number Click Request Access


  • Click Request Access to request a new phone and/or phone line
  • Select New 
  • You will need to provide an index number to be billed


  • Click Request access to assign an existing phone in your department to another employee
  • Select Existing number
  • You will be prompted to provide the phone number

Note: To switch your department to VoIP please enter a Project Request

  • Not susceptible to interference from environmental factors like traditional analog lines
  • If moving locations, the number follows the physical phone. No need for an additional service request to move a phone line
  • Includes access to the following:
    • Cisco Jabber (Chat client with phone control)
    • Cisco WebEx (Video Conferencing)
    • Voicemail to email (sent as a .wav file or can be retrieved via Jabber or phone)
    • Outgoing Caller I.D.
    • Since VoIP is used through the internet, other applications such as Outlook and IM can work in conjunction with your new phone
  • Range of calling features:
    • Hunt groups can be set up to answer calls
    • Pick-up groups - allows users to answer a call that comes in on a number that is not their own
    • Special Messages - create special office, holiday or hours of operation message callers will during a specified date and/or time
    • Call Forwarding
    • Directory Listing/Calling - List and call directly from our phone directory
  • Cost Savings:
    • Calls made to another VoIP phone on our network will not have local or long distance charges
    • Using the MeetMe function allows other users on our network to call into the conference without having charges associated
    • Forced Authorization Codes (FAC) - Enter a unique code when making long-distance phone calls
Available To

Individual departments on USD-managed campuses


Please inquire with ITS to discuss pricing

Recurring charges are usually lower than traditional phone service

Request Access

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