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Confirming events in 25Live by Schedulers


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Note: When confirming event requests in 25Live there are 2 things that are most important:

  • A location has been confirmed
  • The event itself is confirmed

The most common mistake is that an event is confirmed but the location hasn’t been also confirmed. 

  1. Log into 25Live Pro
  2. Open event that is going to be confirmed
    Note: there are more than one way to confirm a request – this article will only go over one 
  3. Review the Details screen – any changes that are needed can be made here (make sure the Edit Mode is On)
  4. Click on the Occurrences tab – this will show all the event dates and which rooms are being requested
  5. Go back to the Details tab
  6. Click on Edit Event
    1. The goal here is to confirm the location for this event
  7. To get to the locations section, you can
    • Click on Locations in the left hand navigation bar
    • Scroll through the event – if you do this option, you can update the event as you go
  8. To add the location in the Locations area
    1. The first time you go to the form confirm that Hide Conflicts and Enforce Headcount ARE NOT CHECKED 
      1. If they are, uncheck them and then click on the Search button.  This will show you the requested location
    2. When you see the location requested, click the green Reserve button
  9. Continue scrolling to the bottom reviewing content
  10. Change the Event State to Confirmed
  11. Click Save
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