Requesting an Event in 25Live


Booking an event in 25Live

Making an event request on campus

Booking a room on campus


  • 25Live


  1. Please:
    • Use Google Chrome or Firefox.  Internet Explorer is NOT RECOMMENDED
    • Log in using USD credentials
    • 25Live is going to be the point of truth for almost all spaces on campus, the group or person whose event is published on the 25Live Calendar has priority 
    • If there is any conflict, please contact the person who confirmed your event
  2. Log into 25Live using USD credentials
  3. Click Create an Event
    1. On any other page besides the home dashboard, click Event Form in the upper right hand side of the screen
  4. Enter Event Name
  5. Enter Calendar Title (published to USD calendar)
  6. Enter Primary Organization
  7. Enter Expected Attendance
  8. Add Date
  9. Add Start Time and End Time
  10. Add a Location to your event request, in the Locations section
    Note: Confirm Hide Conflicts and Enforce Headcount are not checked
    1. In the Search Locations box, enter in search criteria either building name, room number, building initials, or virtual

    2. Click next to Saved Searches
    3. Select USD-All Locations or USD Meeting Rooms or USD Classrooms depending on the type of room you are looking for
    4. Review list of available locations
    5. Click Request next to desired location
  11. Add additional information in Comments
  12. Check I Agree
  13. Click Submit
    Note:  After your event request has been submitted, the room scheduler will be in contact with additional information or questions


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