Submitting a Travel Request


How do I submit a Travel Request?


  •  DocuSign



  1. Provide your department HR SuperUser information related to your travel request

Departmental HR SuperUser

  1. Go here to download the latest version of the USD Travel Request 
  2. Fill in fields in Travel Request form
  3. Go here to download the DocuSign Print drivers
    Note:  This only needs to be done once
  4. Click Print
  5. Change the printer to Print to DocuSign
  6. Click Print to send (new envelope)  
  7. Click Print
  8. Click Finish in DocuSign
    You can add documents to the envelope now, here you can upload your supporting documentation
  9. Add Recipients to the envelope by filling in the name of the person(s) that need to sign and their email address
    1. The order of recipients should be:
      1. Traveler
      2. Department Head
      3. VP
      4. Financial Affairs (make sure it is just Receives a Copy not needs to sign)
        Note: Signing order can be changed by  Set Signing Order
  10. Add a Message to All Recipients by entering the email subject and email message
  11. Click next in the right-hand corner
  12. Add Fields by clicking on signature and drag it to the line that needs signing
  13. Click date signed and drag it to the date area
  14. Click Send in the right-hand corner

Note: The preferred method of processing amended travel requests (eg. additional funding is obtained after submitting the request) is to resubmit the travel request in DocuSign.


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