Requesting Access to DocuSign


What is the process of getting DocuSign on my computer to send documents securely?

Do I have DocuSign access?

I need DocuSign access

I need to be set up with DocuSign on my computer


  • DocuSign


Note: DocuSign is used at USD for electronic signature.  USD utilizes a TEST and PROD environment for DocuSign
There is also a SECURE environment available for documents utilized by Human Resources for employment purposes

See How to Access DocuSign if needed

If you are using DocuSign to sign a document that was sent to you, use the following step:

  1. Signing documents in DocuSign

If you need to send a document through DocuSign you will need access setup by ITS. 

  1. Please submit the request online in Coyote One Stop

Note:  If you are requesting a DocuSign template to be sent from a shared mailbox, you will need to provide all user names and emails that have access to that mailbox.



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