Emailing Class in Self Service Banner


How do I email my students through Banner

Is there a way to automatically create one email list for the classes I have cross-listed


  • Self Service Banner (SSB)
  • SNAP


Note: The preferred method to email the class list is using D2L or Coyote Connections

Note: 9-27-19 The EMAILING CLASS feature was turned off, see note above.

  1. Log into SNAP
  2. Click Faculty/Advisors
  3. Click  next to the class you wish to email
  4. Click Email class at the bottom of the class list

Note: Outlook will put commas between the names, these will need to be changed to semi-colons 

  1. Copy all email addresses listed in the To field of the email
  2. Open Word
  3. Paste the copied list into a blank document
  4. On the Home tab choose Replace Or press Ctrl+H
  5. In the Find what box enter ,
  6. In the Replace with box enter ;
  7. Select Replace All
  8. Copy all email address listed in Word
  9. Paste into the To field of the email


Follow the articles below to set Outlook as your default mail application


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