Cannot Print from Excel


I keep getting this error when trying to print from Excel but it works in other programs

I am unable to print documents to any printer

I am having this printing error

Error: Your file could not be printed due to an error on Printer Name. There are several possible reasons:

  • There may not be enough memory available. Try closing files and programs you aren't using.
  • If you use a network for printing, there may be a problem with the network connection or the printer driver.
  • There may be losse cables or a bad connection between your computer and printer.
  • Microsoft Excel We didn't find anything to print


  • Microsoft Excel


Possible corruption of Excel program files


  1. Press or click
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Programs and Features
  4. Click Microsoft Office
  5. Click Change at top of screen
  6. Click Repair
  7. Click Close
  8. Click Yes
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